Conservatives Upset About Inter-Religious, Lesbian Relationship

Sister Dante joined the Church in 2001, after 9/11

Princess DeLeo of Agrabah is still unwed

The latest issue to boil the blood of American conservatives is a love story between a nun from Revere, MA, Sister Dante and Princess DeLeo of Agrabah. Conservatives aren’t just upset that both are women, they are upset that one is a Catholic nun and the other a Muslim princess. 

Princess DeLeo, who has been under pressure from her father, the Sultan, to marry, said she is willing to give up the entire kingdom for the love of her life. “I don’t care if my father, or anybody from America disapproves” the princess said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “It only makes us love each other more”

Sister Dante faces her own pressures here at home. Her church is trying to excommunicate her, but she doesn’t seem to be concerned. “Americans have distorted the Lord’s message”, she said. “The message is about love, not about pushing people apart. 

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump chimed in on the relationship, saying “This is disgusting. How do they even do it? Like this?” as he made scissor signs with his hands and pushed them together.

The Sultan refused to say anything publicly, but a member of his cabinet, Jafar, released a statement:

“It is sad that she would turn her back on her kingdom for an infidel. But I guarantee that the kingdom is in good hands. I will see to it that our will is done.”