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2 thoughts on “Sound Off

  1. The manhunt for two escaped murders continues into its third week in upstate New York. As I write this authorities appear to have DNA samples linking the escapees with a burglarized cabin, so the trail is warm again.

    My question is what does society do with these guys – assuming they are eventually caught? Both were behind bars for violent murders. One killed a sheriff’s deputy, the other killed and dismembered his former boss.

    They were both in for life and will probably be slapped into solitary confinement at least for a while. But I wonder if that’s enough? They have certainly terrorized a wide swath of population through NY, PA & VT and the round-the-clock search must be costing the state of New York a fortune.

    Clearly the prison system hasn’t done anything to rehabilitate either of these guys.


    • That brings up the question as to whether our prison system is effective in fulfilling their duties, to punish and to rehabilitate. They certainly have the punishment part down. I am unsure what society should do with them. I have mixed opinions about the death penalty, and there are stats and facts to support both sides of the argument. I understand that some people are beyond rehab, but I am glad I do not have to make the decision as to how to deal with them.


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